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The pricing of a tattoo is almost exclusively calculated by the time it takes to do. this will be different for every piece and will depend on the size, detail, style and placement of your tattoo. Our Hourly Rate is currently £60 P/H. We operate a shop minimum of £30 for the smallest of tattoos (Dots, simple lines) this is to accommodate the time slot the tattoo takes as well as the cost of expendables used. To get an estimate you can either drop by the shop or email us through our contact page providing details on size, placement, style etc as well as any reference images you have as a basic guide.


We recommend keeping your tattoo wrapped for at least two hours upon leaving the shop. After unwrapping wash the tattoo with lukewarm water and at most a plain soap such as sanex. Avoid highly fragranced or exfoliating soaps as these can irritate the tattoo. Allow the tattoo to air dry after washing and Apply Either Bepanthen or Palmers Cocoa Butter in a thin layer. You should apply your chosen cream twice daily and on some occasion with the cocoa butter more. This will keep the tattoo moisturized and stop it from healing too quickly resulting in fading and loss of colour. Continue this process for between 1-2 weeks. During the 2 week time period the tattoo MUST be kept out of the sun to avoid serious skin damage and out of standing water as leaving it to soak will lead to the tattoo weep. No sun tan lotion should be used as they contain chemicals instead keep the tattoo out of sun by covering or wearing appropriate clothing. After the tattoo has healed we highly recommend continuing to moisturize regularly and applying High factor sunscreen when needed.


Deposits are non refundable, no exceptions. 

Appointments can be rearranged with 48 hours notice.

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