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We’ve got the tools and knowledge to give you the most comfortable piercing experience around. We are committed to giving you the best experience possible. Currently Paul is our qualified head piercer and member of the British Body Piercing Association with 8 years of piercing experience.

Navel Piercing


A good piercing knowledge is vital to a good piercing experience and outcome however this is just part of what is needed to make sure your piercing is the best it can be. The aftercare of a piercing is just as important as the aftercare for a tattoo and if carried out correctly will help your piercing heal comfortably and to the best standard possible. One of our piercers will talk you through the aftercare process however in case you need further access to the vital information we have compiled it here for you: 

We recommend cleaning your piercing with a salt water solution. this will make sure to clean the area without causing any trauma due to chemicals in other products. Make sure to use Rock salt or Sea salt for this process. 

Add a quarter of a teaspoon of Sea salt or Rock salt to a cup of boiling water making sure to mix the salt in. We recommend soaking tissue paper in the solution and holding on the area until the paper is cold. this will open the pores around the piercing and will also help loosen up any dried blood or anything else to be cleaned. Finally using cotton buds soaked in this solution to clean both sides of the piercing carefully.

This can be done multiple times a day if necessary however make sure to not over irritate the area by over cleaning it or moving the jewellery in excess. We recommend doing this on a 3 days on, 3 days off schedule.


Our piercings are all done with industry standard polished titanium jewelry. We also do carry other jewelry in store and can sell these separately however we recommend not changing your polished titanium jewelry until the piercing has healed. For an appointment we recommend emailing us on the day before or dropping into the studio in the morning as our appointments will be based on our availability around tattoos. For piercings we recommend you eat before your appointment as well as bringing a bottle of water or electrolyte based drink (Lucozade etc).


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